The optimal range of all possible movements.  


Posture vs. Movement




The optimal range of all possible movements is the middle 2/4ths of the range of motion.  


0 degrees = neutral position for all joint angles.    


Neck Flexion and Extension: 0-23 Degrees (that’s probably a lot less than you would want in order to look at the fretboard).


Neck Rotation: 0-40 Degrees. 


Neck Lateral Flexion: 0-25 degrees


Shoulder forward flexion: 0-90 degrees 


Shoulder external rotation: 0-45 degrees


Shoulder Abduction: 0-95 degrees


Shoulder External rotation: 0-45 degrees 


Elbow Flexion/Extension: 25-125 degrees


Forearm pronation: 0-60 degrees 


Forearm supination 0-65 degrees  


Wrist flexion: 0-65 degrees 


Wrist extension: 0-65 degrees 


Wrist radial deviation: 0-15 degrees 


Wrist ulnar deviation: 0-23 degrees 


Finger Metacarpal Phalangeal flexion/extension: 20-60 degrees


Finger Proximal inter-phalangeal flexion/extension: 25-75 degrees 


Finger Distal inter-phalangeal flexion/extension: 20-60 


Thumb basal joint Palmar Adduction/Abduction Contact/45

Radial Adduction/Abduction Contact/60


Thumb Interphalangeal Hyperextension/Flexion 15H/80


Thumb Metacarpophalangeal Hyperextension/Flexion 10/55